Welcome Back

Welcome back to school to all our pupils!

A new school year brings opportunities for us all, often recognising these opportunities and being quick to take them up is the biggest challenge we face. This blog has been written to highlight what these opportunities are and support you in taking every opportunity offered to you at St Matthew’s.

For our Year 7 pupils, you are beginning a new journey at high school. It’s the opportunity to grow and mature into the young men and women that will make a difference in their families and in our wider community. The world is at your feet! Remember, you will be making lots of first impressions during these next couple of weeks, with your form tutors, progress leader, pastoral manager, subject teachers, lunchtime supervisors, office staff, support staff and the senior leadership team. Take this opportunity to be the best person you can be! Be positive, be enthusiastic, be polite, be inquisitive, be interested in your studies, and be proud of the work you produce.

For our pupils in Years 8 and 9, where needed, the new school year brings the opportunity for fresh starts. Echoing the above, be the best version of you that you can possibly be, even if this means being a new, improved version of you! Remember that you are here to live out our mission statement, to pray, to care and to achieve. Live this mission everyday and you will achieve great things at St Matthew’s. September brings the opportunity to catch up and reconnect with your friends and your teachers. Take the opportunity to re-align your goals and priorities, and make sure they match that of your friendship group, and are in line with where the teachers expect you to be aiming towards. If they aren’t the same, it is time for change. Each of you are leaders, leaders of your own futures. If the dreams and goals of those around you are not where yours are, change your friendship groups or be that leader in your existing friendship group, and change the way you all approach each and every day at St Matthew’s.

Year 10 pupils, beginning new, KS4 courses. For some, these are new subjects not studied before, but we all continue to study our core timetable. Will the expectations and challenge increase from Year 7, 8 and 9? Of course they will! Each and every lesson, in all subjects, is preparing you for the exams that you will sit in the summer of 2019. You must take the opportunities that your teachers give you, making every single lesson count. Are you thinking “Its ok, I’ll make sure I work hard in Year 11” because by then it’s too late. Preparation for your GCSE examinations, which will lead you on to your future pathways starts today! Don’t get left behind, be influential in your friendship groups, be confident in your abilities and be focused and determined on working towards your goals.

Year 11, our senior pupils. Time flies, and you now only have 2 and a half terms left of your high school career. Take every single opportunity that you are presented with to make these 2 and a half terms count. You will hear me talk a lot in assemblies and in progress meetings about making things happen for yourself, and that success doesn’t just happen on its own. It is your future, so you are responsible for making it a good one! All staff at St Matthew’s will support you in any way that you need – this is a promise! However, the only person who can really make things happen, who can improve attitude to learning, who can work at or be moving closer towards target grades, who can work at home to support in class learning, who can take the lesson 6 opportunities available and make them count is YOU! Each and every day you need to be the best version of you, with a clear focus on your future goals, and allowing nothing to stand in your way. You can do it, and with determination and taking opportunities you will do it. I look forward to celebrating your achievements at your prom, at your leavers assembly and ultimately on results day in August 2018.

Ms Dooley