Congratulations Class of 2017!

On Thursday 24th August, the class of 2017 collected their GCSE results.

There were a number of amazing individual performances for lots of our students, including 11 of the new “Grade 9s” being achieved in both English and Maths. A grade reserved only for the very top tier of students across the country, which includes St Matthew’s pupils. 2 of our pupils, Sam Midzi and Ellie Sandiford collected grade 9s in English Language and Maths, with Ellie achieving a grade 9 in English Literature also and therefore all available subjects! Well done to both girls, we are so very proud of you. Several other students collected grade 9s in either English or Maths.

Grade 9 in Maths: Sam Midzi and Ellie Sandiford

Grade 9 in English Language: Sam Midzi, Ellie Sandiford, Joy Famuyiwa, Courtney Anderton

Grade 9 in English Literature: Ellie Sandiford, Rachel Lee, Abbey Callaghan, Ella Williams, Olivia Walsh.

All pupils collected a range of different grades, both the new numbered grades for English and Maths and the lettered grades for all other subjects. Never the less, excellent individual performances were still very clear to see, with several pupils achieving 5 or more A*/As.

We achieved pleasing results across many other subject areas, these include:

  • 64% of students achieved grades 9-4 in English, with 45% achieving 9-5, considered a strong pass.
  • 18% of students achieved grades 9-7 (Equivalent A*/A) in English
  • Music 100% A*-C, 71% A*/A
  • Textiles 95% A*-C, 53% A*/A
  • Biology 100% A*-C
  • Chemistry 100% A*-C
  • Further Additional Science 84% A*-C, 63% A*/A

Well done to all our pupils, and we wish them the best of luck in their future studies, training or employment.

Please continue to check our websites for further updates. Figures correct as of 24th August.