Subject Overview

Humanities is comprised of History and Geography, both subjects are offered up to GCSE level. In Year 7 pupils study History for three half-term and then swap to learning about Geography. In Year 8, pupils start by learning about Geography topics then switch to History. Pupils are provided with the opportunity to study both subjects in detail in Year 9. They are taught by subject specialists and focus on developing skills which will better prepare them for GCSE. Uptake at GCSE is very good, large numbers of students are opting to study a Humanities subject.

A GCSE qualification in History or Geography is highly valued by prestigious colleges and universities. Employers also value these subjects, they can open doors to a variety of careers in many different employment sectors. Learning a Humanities subject provides pupils with an appreciation for the past and how it connects to the present.


Homework/ Assessment

From years 7 to 9, pupils are set homework once a fortnight. These may include revising for keywords tests or researching aspects of the topic being studied in class. At GCSE level, homework is set weekly as appropriate to the topics being studied. These can include revising for knowledge-based tests and assessments. During Year 10, pupils complete their Controlled Assessment task, this is worth 25% of the final grade. We encourage pupils to research the topics in more detail.


Resources and facilities

There are a number of resources on the shared area which pupils can access. Pupils are also encouraged to visit the following websites which provide further information about the topics we study in class:


Extra- curricular and extended learning

The Humanities Department views extra-curricular activities as an important way of promoting their interest and knowledge of the subject. Over the past few years the department has organised visits to the following places:

- Krakow

- Berlin

- Rome

- The WWI battlefields – Somme and Ypres

- Imperial War Museum (London)

- Imperial War Museum (Salford)

- Eden Camp (Yorkshire)

Pupils also have the opportunity to take part in a weekly Humanities Extra Club. This is open to all KS3 pupils. Teachers are also available, throughout the week, after-school and lunch-time to provide extra support to KS4 pupils.

Key Stage 3 Humanities Curriculum
Key Stage 4 Humanities Curriculum