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Year 11 Pre-Public Examinations


The Year 11 Pre-Public Examinations begin on Monday 5th December and finish on Friday 16th December 2016, please see the attached timetable which is also available on the school website.

Exams will take place instead or alongside normal lessons taking place so it is vital that your child attends school during this time and is punctual to every exam.

Please ensure that your child brings the correct equipment to school every day:

  • Black Pen
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Maths equipment (protractor, compass, pencil, ruler)

Please continue to support this by encouraging structured revision at home for the upcoming exams.


Your child’s estimated grades for college applications will be based on the results of the exams and they enable staff to identify key areas for support. 


Please click here to download the Year 11 pre-public examination timetable for February / March 2017