Whilst the majority of pupils behave well, those pupils who break our school rules will be subject to consequences.  This is because poor behaviour affects the learning and life chances of everyone.

Sanctions are used to demonstrate to the pupils concerned that what they have done is unacceptable; to deter the pupil from repeating that behaviour; and to signal to other pupils that the behaviour is unacceptable and to discourage them from doing it.     

Sanctions include catching up on missed work, detentions and isolation. Pupils may be kept for up to 60 minutes on the same school day without notice, we will however endeavour to inform parents if we are detaining for longer than 15 minutes.  Notice for detention will either be given via the journal or by text / phone call.

For more serious or repeat breaches of the school rules, pupils may be placed in isolation. Here they will work all day away from the rest of the pupil community under the supervision of an experienced member of staff. As a last resort the school may have to exclude a pupil.





Expectations Booklet 2018-19
Rewards and Sanctions