Year 8

Progress Leader : Mr Harris

My name is Mr Harris and I’m the progress leader for Year 8. I also teach RE and so I am mainly based on the 3rd floor. It’s my responsibility to monitor and track your progress across Year 8, making sure that you achieve all that you can here at St Matthews.

I feel very lucky that I have taken over such an excellent year group and am very grateful to my predecessor, Mr Rogers, for all of the fantastic work that he did with you in year 7.  Every one of your form teachers is proud to work with such an outstanding year group and we are all committed to supporting you in every way possible.

My advice to you for year 8 is to push yourself in every subject area and achieve all that you can, but also to remember that being ma member of St Matthews is not just about academic success.  We are a Catholic community who cares and supports each other and I would like every member of my year group to show this in their words and actions.

Pastoral Manager : Ms Matthew

My name is Ms Matthew and I am the Pastoral Manager for Year 8 and I am very excited to work with you all and get to know you as individuals. I work with Mr Harris your Progress Leader and It is my responsibility to ensure that you attend school every day and that you come to school ready to learn and achieve to the best of your ability. Sometimes you might need someone to have a chat with and as many of you know my office door is always open so you are always welcome to come and see me either before school; at break or lunch time or even after school.

I have worked at St Matthew’s for 11 years and have a passion for our school. My son & daughter came here and have very happy fond memories of school. They both achieved excellent GCSE grades which have led them into higher education and training. They both now have really good jobs and have both bought their own cars and this is something I am very proud of.

I believe we all come to the best school in the area with the best staff who will all go above and beyond to help all students and your parents & carers too.

Year 8 is very important as your teachers are laying the foundations for Year 9. I hope that the positive behaviour you have all started with continues because there is no better feeling than getting your grades on GCSE results day having achieved the high grades each and every one of you are capable of – good luck Year 8.

Form Tutors

Mrs Breckwoldt

Mrs Hill

Mr Cox

Miss McLean

Miss Dawson

Miss Smalley

Mr Ellits

Mrs Tilby

Mr Green

Mr White

Key Events in Our Year

St Matthew’s Feastday – 21st











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Celebrating Success 2017/2018

Year 8 Achievement Letter October 2017