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Nursing and Medicine


On Monday the 26th June, 30 Pupils from year 9 had the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities and workshops led by The University of Manchester. The aim of the morning was to introduce pupils to the variety of careers available within nursing and medicine. The University of Manchester brought with them a variety of guests including medical lecturers, nursing students and final year medical students who are currently working within a hospital.

Pupils had to the opportunity to get involved with a variety of hands on tasks. This included learning how to give CPR, how to check essential vital signs and what to do in an emergency. Pupils learnt about a variety medical conditions and the treatment process for each. One example included learning about how asthma affects people and pupils then had the opportunity to compete against each other to see who had the highest peak expiratory flow rate.

The morning concluded with a question and answer session that pupils really enjoyed. Future aspirations and career opportunities were discussed, including different entry routes available for specific jobs. The University of Manchester medical students did a great job of simplifying the process and discussed some of the myths and barriers in regards to entering the profession.

St Matthew`s is involved with the Health Education North West Partnership (HENWP) and we look forward to future events as part of our partnership with the University of Manchester.