We ask all of our pupils to follow these 3 instructions…

                              Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe


More specifically, this includes:

· Always bring all your school equipment and full school uniform in each day

· Do not run around the school either inside or outside

· When walking around the corridors or up and down staircases stick to the left hand side

· Do not use the front entrance to school in the morning unless you are late

· If you are late you should always sign in

· Bring in a note from home if you need to leave early or if you have been off school because

of illness or medical appointments

· At the beginning of each lesson (including form time) you should get your journal and

equipment out on the desk in front of you unless you have been told not to by the teacher

· If the weather is warm you should always still bring in your blazer, for really hot days you are

allowed to leave your jumper at home.

· No swearing

· No chewing gum or fizzy drinks

· No jewellery other than a pair of plain gold/silver stud earrings.

· If a teacher asks you to do something you should do it immediately - never answer a

teacher back.

· Mobile phones and i-pods/MP3 players are NOT to be seen or heard at any time during the

school day. If they are they will be taken from you and only returned to your parents.

· If you are wearing make-up you will be given wet wipes and asked to remove it, the same

goes for nail varnish

· You should not have any extreme hair style such as patterns shaved into the head or hair

dyed bright colours

· No eating or drinking on the corridors

Each person in St Matthew’s is expected to stick to the school rules at all times in order for the school to run efficiently and safely.